Mother in law

She interacts

with everyone

But for me,

her words are none.

She remembers all events

in a thought

But On my birthday I get

sorry beta, I forgot!”

She expects me

to be like them,

Just sit at home because

girls are a shame.

She can make friends

With the strangest of men;

But when it comes to me,

Her eyes move the other way, quite often.

She never looks

for a daughter in me,

She never thinks about US;

And never says WE.

Sad for my tears,

Happy for my joy,

I want her to teach me

and also get annoyed.

She doesn’t seem to see

The pain in my swollen eyes,

Which have cried the entire night

Why doesn’t she realise?

She treats me

Like any other,

Yet I am expected

To treat her like my mother!

The relation has no strings,

No feelings no emotion.

On the outside it does bloom

On the inside it’s void of devotion.

Arey my beta

Is all my heart longed,

But amidst the struggles

Her coldness only prolonged.

Sometimes “I wish”

Says my inner voice

Wouldnt it be amazing if I had

A mother in law of my choice?

The one who’d love me,

The one who’d care;

And in my happiness

Would’ve the biggest share.


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