People say, where there is will,
There is a way;
After what I’ve been through,
I don’t believe in people anyway…



Sometimes, we have lot many dreams and ambitions but we tend to get lost in the unending maze of traditions and customs created by the society. Here’s to the journey of ambition, brought down by such customs.

I wanted to jump out of my life

But the gravity of relations brought me back. 

I wanted to soar high up in the sky

But the gravity of being a female brought me back.

I wanted to speak out my mind

But shackles of society denied the fact.

I wanted to love and be loved

But the mentality of people took that love back.

I wanted to be happy and be on cloud nine

But the gravity of my existence brought me back.


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Life and rules

In this whole wide world we have confined ourselves to rules and barriers. If the soul is a captive then how can you expect it to fly high? Break the shackles of your own thoughts, breathe free and (for once) listen to what your mind has to say. This is life and let nobody but you to craft it’s rules. You get to live once, make it worth.

People say

And they will

But here’s the question

Does it affect you still?

Failure shall come

Today or tomorrow

But here’s the question

Is it worth the sorrow?

Differences will come

Every now and then

But keep on trying

As much as you can. 

You have come

And you will go

Keep no rule or barrier

‘Coz it’s your only show. 

Are we progressing?

Are we progressing?

Everybody seem to be fighting these days for a simple reason: everyone want others to follow THEIR views. Nobody wants to understand the other person’s POV. It’s all about do as they say, think as they think & live as they live.

This is the 21st century and we are progressing. But are we going the right way? Progressing in the wrong direction does no good. As I ponder upon this, a few thoughts come to mind:

We’ve made our path

and are marching ahead;

with adamant minds in the way

be you the world will adjustand some tears unshed

We’ve made our society

and we are defining it,

we stick to our traditions

and thoughts confining it.

Those who dare to question

are looked down upon.

Why there is no place for the new?

Tell me someone, comeon!

Tradition is good,

but it changes with time,

adapt to the change

and let the society shine.

Blindly following a path

will lead you nowhere!

It’s like a relation where

love is devoid of care.

You have to pay a price

to live your own dream;

no one accepts it

tough, it might seem.

Something has to be done

to bring this change,

with no disrespect

and gaining no avenge.

Learn to see the difference,

learn to be the difference,

respecting all views

and enjoying their essence.

Make your own path

follow it your way;

don’t force it upon others

just let them be, on their own way.

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