People say, where there is will,
There is a way;
After what I’ve been through,
I don’t believe in people anyway…



Sometimes, we have lot many dreams and ambitions but we tend to get lost in the unending maze of traditions and customs created by the society. Here’s to the journey of ambition, brought down by such customs.

I wanted to jump out of my life

But the gravity of relations brought me back. 

I wanted to soar high up in the sky

But the gravity of being a female brought me back.

I wanted to speak out my mind

But shackles of society denied the fact.

I wanted to love and be loved

But the mentality of people took that love back.

I wanted to be happy and be on cloud nine

But the gravity of my existence brought me back.


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A worthy wait

When life goes through “not so good” phase, sometimes all we do is wait for THAT person. He/she is both our strength and our weakness. With his/her mere arrival either our problems get solved or we tend to forget about them. Either way, he/she makes our lives tension free and livable. So, we just wait for them to come in our lives and take all miseries away. This poetry is dedicated to THAT special one in our lives.

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As I stand

On this road

Thinking of the day

I’ll be bestowed

With your smile

As you arrive

This wait is worth,

Worth a while.

Life thereafter will be

Like a dream come true

The journey’ll beautiful

As then it’ll contain you.

Life and rules

In this whole wide world we have confined ourselves to rules and barriers. If the soul is a captive then how can you expect it to fly high? Break the shackles of your own thoughts, breathe free and (for once) listen to what your mind has to say. This is life and let nobody but you to craft it’s rules. You get to live once, make it worth.

People say

And they will

But here’s the question

Does it affect you still?

Failure shall come

Today or tomorrow

But here’s the question

Is it worth the sorrow?

Differences will come

Every now and then

But keep on trying

As much as you can. 

You have come

And you will go

Keep no rule or barrier

‘Coz it’s your only show.